Instagram has turned everyone into professional photographers. Click, focus, select one of the 18 pre-set photo filters, and share with your masterpiece with your friends. It’s Twitter in visual format, allowing users to share snippets of their everyday lives. Simple. Beautiful. Fun.

Not only is Instagram popular with the general public – and the GRM office – but many businesses are jumping on-board as well. From behind-the-scenes shots to glamorous product sneek-peeks, Instagram is perfect for sharing beautiful images from the retail world.

The fact that Facebook recently spent $1 billion to acquire Instagram is beyond intriguing. For an app that currently creates zero revenue, (the app is free and there are no ads) change is most certainly in-store. And with the Facebook connection and its introduction into the Android Marketplace, Instagram’s average 1.6 million new monthly users is sure to increase.

Have you downloaded Instagram yet? Get snapping.