Zealotry Marketing Workshop

Learn How to Build Your Own Marketing Program:

“How to Build a Zealotry Marketing Program” workshop is an interactive group session that can be tailored for a 2 to 3 hour time slot.  We describe the core principles of zealotry marketing, provide real world examples in practice and engage the group in participatory exercises.  Each attendee not only has the opportunity to actively participate in the session, they will leave with a worksheet on how to design a referral-based, zealotry marketing approach for their business.

We blend our speaking and presentation experience with the skill set of years of moderating focus group sessions.  The result is a lively, engaging session that is structured, yet reactive to the discussion and the specific business issues of the group.

Why Engage a Zealotry Approach to Marketing?

  • Surest way to profitable results
  • Leverages current customers/resources
  • Not dependent on external media
  • Engages principles of direct marketing
  • Fits with emerging social media

Available to Groups or Individuals, from $199:

After years of executing customized programs exclusively for retained clients, Guest Relations now offers our Zealotry Workshop to groups, associations and client groups in a seminar basis.


Mike Tyre        mtyre@guestrelationsmarketing.com         404-343-4377


Why Zealotry Marketing?

You may know who your customers are, but do you really understand who are your zealots?   Are you maximizing the passion and energy of these most fervent supporters?

Zealots are willing to tell your story to others, without reservation and without being paid to do so.   And, not only are they credible messengers, Harvard Business Review says the surest way to long-term profitability is customer referral.

Guest Relations Marketing uses a distinctive blend of brand research, direct marketing techniques and superior creative design to build programs from the inside out that is measured and synched with operational realities from the outset.

We help companies, especially those with limited marketing budgets, that need to build stronger referral or those who have good referral, but need to expand that base.  We develop sustainable plans and campaigns and either implement for clients or counsel on the internal staff execution.


About Guest Relations

Guest Relations Marketing helps clients build sales through marketing that connects and extends their brand through their core customers, or “zealots”.   It involves understanding what attracted zealots to the brand in the first place, determining what is impeding the ability to create more zealots and then building a marketing platform to realize the potential of the brand.

Guest Relations Marketing works with a variety of clients in the hospitality, utilities, non-profit and automotive categories.  The aegis for our trademarked Zealotry Marketing program comes from our years of experience with upscale hospitality clients, including such renowned brands as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Hotels & Resorts of Halekulani, Wendy’s, Georgia Pacific and Snapper.   Our work has received national awards, including most recently a SOCON for top social media campaign for non-profits.

Summary of Experience:

  • +20 years leading marketing planning and research projects for clients in a variety of B2C and B2B categories
  • client-side and agency management experience
  • established account planning group for mid-sized ad agency
  • trained in qualitative research methods by QRC (Boulder)
  • named “Top 25 Minds” in hospitality marketing by HSMAI
  • awarded four national EFFIES for marketing campaign effectiveness