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The Erin Andrews video has become a very hot (pun intended) topic on the Internet.

There is nearly 11 million results for the ESPN reporter on the web.

Is ESPN unhappy about this? Probably not too much. Apparently, their lawyers precipitated the fury that has resulted.

The video was uploaded four months ago, and just recently re-posted with a vague description by a blogger.

A threatening letter demanding a takedown and revealing of sources is what apparently created the maelstorm. By exposing the “carrier”, an unintended result apparently occurred.

It demonstrates the viral impact of subjects of passion to followers – in this case its almost a perfect storm melding sex (nudity) and sports.

Had only beer been present then it would have been an absolutely perfect scenario for a certain (and obviously) large group of followers.


A couple of truths:

1. What interests a customer/follower supercedes what you are offering as a product or service

2. In social media, the reporter can quickly become the reported

3. Social media doesn’t create the story, but it can be a fast and extremely captivating carrier

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