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We have heard many business professionals question the validity of social media in terms of its value to business communications.   “I don’t need to follow so and so … “ or “I don’t need any more friends.”   Like any media or contact point, social media sites have their own characteristics … and their own limitations.

But, social media is here to stay.   What is uncertain is what formats and sites will thrive and what new applications will take root.  But, the category is growing in acceptance and engagement.

There are some fundamental reasons why:  people have become increasingly skeptical of the credibility of conventional news sources, so they have sought their own.   Private “on the scene” videos of news events have peppered YouTube and rival the reach of conventional news outlets in certain cases.   People still seek the ideal of belonging to a community.  With social media, they can choose to engage with like interests in a manner of their choosing.   On demand.   We want it now.  Everything.   And, finally, connecting to beliefs, interests and other things that are held in passionate terms are now served up in social media.   You don’t need a publisher or agent to blog on a subject you are a Zealot about.

Here is why social media is even more valuable to businesses. As long as transparency and authenticity are practiced, businesses have a great opportunity to show its followers it has a heart, it has employees that are likeable, and it has a story to share.  In short, a chance to share the emotional side of its “brand.”  And, how ironic is that?  In a media that eschews overt selling, here’s the opportunity to make the emotional connection.  Through your story, through your employees, through your customers, and most certainly, through your Zealots.

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