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The bottom of our office building houses several good, locally-owned restaurants. While our choices aren’t exactly endless, they all certainly have two things in common – they’re convenient, quick & all serve Coca-Cola products.

Not unusual for Atlanta, but Coke has done something clever to help promote themselves and support these local restaurants at the same time. When you walk near any of the restaurants it is quickly apparent that Coke is the beverage of choice. They have branded umbrellas, signs, fountains, counter tops, menus, tablecloths, drink coolers, even Specials of the Day that include your favorite contoured bottle of choice.

Great for Coke, surely more than just a splash of branding. But, also great for the restaurants, who I’m certain got these things complimentary for serving Coke, or at least deeply discounted where they would have to go find them & pay more otherwise.

Especially in a tight economy, finding mutually beneficial ways to support your customers is a great way to build Zealots for your brand at the same time!

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