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One of the key tenants in Zealotry Marketing is simply involving your Zealots in your brand.  A quick example of how to do so can be found in a recent email blast from Martha Stewart.

For those who signed up to receive information from Martha Stewart Weddings, a quick poll went out via email with three magazine cover designs, asking readers which they liked best and why. This is right on so many levels for working the Zealots in the database.

First, they feel like an insider. They have been given a sneak peak at the inner workings of the publication and the brand, and they’ve had a voice in shaping the brand – even better. Their opinion matters and will make a difference on the newsstand.

Second, talk about referral. Once that magazine hits the super market shelves, you better be sure those Zealots will sneak a peak at the cover and tell their friends about it. “Oh I choose the other one, it was much better for the Summer issue” or “That is the cover I selected, they asked my opinion of three choices.” Good, bad or indifferent – their chatter about the publication is sure to leave an impression.
Way to go, Martha!  A simply way to use email to involve your Zealots and engage them in the brand experience.

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