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The following poll by Skyscanner demonstrates again that airlines are the prime exhibit in an industry that doesn’t get how to nurture and build zealots.
Case in point – this survey failed to even suggest that security and safety MIGHT be an issue of importance.  With the recent thwarted terrorist attempt on a Northwest flight, I’m pretty sure that would be a bigger concern than those noted below.

Communication transparency is at the height of building a successful zealotry experience and it is at the core of problems travelers have with airlines.

Skyscanner’s recent survey has revealed the things that irk travelers most and 27% said that dishonest announcements about delayed flights are what really peeve passengers.

Passengers appreciate clarity from the start as this allows them to resort to plan B if needed” said Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and director.

“It seems strange that airport security will confiscate an innocent bottle of water, yet we are permitted to board with these potentially lethal electronic devices. If an iPod could bring down a plane, would we really be allowed to fly with them?” said Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner travel editor.

Being “woken up to be sold something” won 17% and “ear piercing trumpet calls and bragging about landing on time” came in with 12%. Being told the plane is late due to the “late running of the inbound aircraft” (obviously!) and “long security queues” both took 8% of the vote.

A previous Skyscanner poll revealed that people with BO and Bad Breath were the most annoying fellow passengers to fly with.

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