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Zealots identify with the vision, the mission, the underlying values of a brand.
They may like the product, but they love the emotion and character behind the product.   Consider a product or company you consider yourself a Zealot of.
Don’t they strike at something that is core to your beliefs or character?

Did I mention I became a Zealot of Ford Motor Company? The American auto manufacturer announced May 6 that they would be producing electric vehicles for their line, beginning in 2011.  On the same day, there was a news article noting that General Motors was “learning” from Chrysler’s bankruptcy actions. I definitely identify with the company busy reinventing itself versus the one looking for government bailout.

Another core value for me.   I believe in energy independence.  An electric car does that.  Electric is a clean fuel, especially if produced in nuclear plants.  The U.S. does not need a pipeline to the Middle East for electricity.  So, for me, Ford Motor Company is solving environmental issues, energy independence, and fueling (pun intended) foreign interests.

Why I will give Ford every benefit of the doubt when the electric vehicle is released.  And, add them to my list of Zealotry brands.

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