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I am sure by now you have seen a video clip of the controversial call at the end of Monday night’s NFL game, featuring the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.

During the very last play of the game a wishful pass was thrown into the end zone by the Seahawks quarterback in an attempt to win the game with time expiring. They were successful, but according to just about everyone that watched, it was a bogus result.

A highly charged reaction on Twitter sent users into a tweeting frustration frenzy as they flocked to the site to share their opinions on what happened during the final seconds of #MNF.

According to @twitter, more than one million tweets had been generated on the topic in less than 48 hours.

Even NFL players didn’t hesitate to share their opinion by tweeting in response to the replacement referees call.

Finally, the NFL and its referees have agreed on a deal and will return immediately. What do you think? Did the reaction on Twitter encourage the @NFL to establish a contract agreement with  its referees?

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