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Continuing our blogger outreach with Allan Vigil Dealerships, this week I was given the task of taking a 2013 Mustang for the day to pick-up 365 Atlanta founder, Maura Neill. What can I say? I have a rough job.

So when you give someone a sports car, what do you expect them to do?

1. Drive fast.

2. Host a photo shoot.

Well, folks. I’m not here to let you down.

Drive Fast

I’ve never had a speeding ticket and made the decision that today wasn’t going to be my first. Although I came nowhere close to testing the Mustang’s limits, I will say the acceleration was amazing. While you’re questioning whether or not this car has any get-up-and-go, take a look in the rearview mirror. You’ve already left them in the dust.

Working with Allan Vigil Dealerships, I’ve looked under the hood of a handful of vehicles. I may not know a lot about engines, but I know one thing. This one is HUGE.

See? It’s pretty.

My overall impression of the Mustang? This car looks like art. And when you drive it, it’s your masterpiece.

Host a Photo Shoot

So Sarah and I left work a few minutes early to allow ourselves adequate time for a photo shoot. Don’t judge. You would do the same.

Sarah’s overall impression? “The Mustang is so pretty, it made me feel like a model. But then again, maybe I should just stick to marketing.”

Sarah + Amanda + Mustang + Instagram = You’re Welcome.

Sit back and enjoy the photoshoot.

Who says you can’t appreciate rims while you’re wearing loafers?

2013 Mustang GT California Special. I may have fallen in love.

Sarah’s new profile pic.

Don’t forget to bring a pony-tail holder if you’re planning on driving with the top down. It gets windy.

Perhaps Sarah should stick to marketing.

Come on. You know you’d take this picture too.

My parting thoughts? My time with the Mustang has been too short-lived and I am incredibly jealous of all the fun Maura is going to have with it this week. I’m blogging, too. Can I have it for a full week? Pretty please?

You can follow along with all of the fun Atlanta-area bloggers are having with vehicles from Allan Vigil Dealerships by searching for #AllanVigil on Twitter.

It was recently announced in the automotive trades – “Ford and GM renew a bitter rivalry.” Despite their financial issues, both companies clearly have “zealots” for both their overall company as well as specific branded vehicles. As a zealot for Mustangs, a Camaro, no matter how “transformed,” is simply second rate.

Great brands have zealots. They also have arch-rivals. One of the tenets of marketing from Steve Jobs: overtly identify and make known your enemy. It is core to great branding. If you make it clear what you stand for, you necessarily stand against something else.

Who is your brand’s enemy?

What are the great rivalries of zealotry brands? Here’s some that quickly come to mind. What is your best example?

  • Miller Lite vs. Bud Lite
  • Mercedes vs. BMW
  • Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola
  • Apple vs. Microsoft

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