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When marketing and operations (delivery) are aligned in delivering a delightful experience, then prospects are transformed into guests and guests into Zealots.

A quick perspective on alignment – play the “If Then and Now” game with your own company:

o    If Starbucks could go from 1 store in 1976 to 165 by 1992 to more than 17,000 today  …

o    If Apple could go from an initial investment of $1300 in 1976 to a larger market cap than Microsoft today …

o    If World Golf Village could go from a “ghost-town” in 2001 to sold out and EFFIE winner in 2005 …

Why not here and now? (hint: its about transforming into a Zealotry attitude). Then why can’t <insert your brand> go from ___________ to ___________?

A hilarious video example.


Terrifically funny parody of the relationship (or lack thereof) between advertisers and their audiences.
Something about “you gotta walk the talk …”

Oh, and Ms. Consumer is really “Ms. Zealot.”  Your zealot.   Is your business “Mr. Advertiser?”

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