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Zealots identify with the vision, the mission, the underlying values of a brand.
They may like the product, but they love the emotion and character behind the product.   Consider a product or company you consider yourself a Zealot of.
Don’t they strike at something that is core to your beliefs or character?

Did I mention I became a Zealot of Ford Motor Company? The American auto manufacturer announced May 6 that they would be producing electric vehicles for their line, beginning in 2011.  On the same day, there was a news article noting that General Motors was “learning” from Chrysler’s bankruptcy actions. I definitely identify with the company busy reinventing itself versus the one looking for government bailout.

Another core value for me.   I believe in energy independence.  An electric car does that.  Electric is a clean fuel, especially if produced in nuclear plants.  The U.S. does not need a pipeline to the Middle East for electricity.  So, for me, Ford Motor Company is solving environmental issues, energy independence, and fueling (pun intended) foreign interests.

Why I will give Ford every benefit of the doubt when the electric vehicle is released.  And, add them to my list of Zealotry brands.

Guest Relations Marketing
Transforming Prospects to Guests, and Guests to Zealots

Do you have “customers” for your brand? Most people (hopefully) will answer yes to this question. But a larger question still remains. Do you have “guests” of your brand?

What is the difference you may ask? Let’s take a look at the definitions for both.

A customer can be defined as:

1. a person who purchases goods or services from another.

2. a person one has to deal with.

A guest can be defined as:

1. a person who spends some time at another person’s home.

2. a person who receives hospitality.

3. a person who patronizes.

The verbiage clearly speaks for itself. Certainly we all have (and need) customers of our brand. Those that simply purchase goods or services; they’re in, they’re out.

But do we all have guests of our brand? Those who are patrons of our brands? A guest is welcomed, a guest is known, a guest is invited into your brand.

Simply having your employees think of your “customers” as “guests” could potentially make a huge impact on your service. Communicating to your customers as guests – from the methods & marketing channels you select, to the words you use – could take your relationship to a whole new level, as well as your business.

You will find those “customers” you treat as “guests” are far more likely to be the ones who are Zealots for your brand.  Amazing how a simple change in wording can lead to a complete mindshift for a brand.

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