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Here at Guest Relations Marketing, after working with a client, we can’t help but become zealots. We research the client, we research their customers, and we think about their brand everyday. It becomes a part of our lives.

After working with Swoozie’s this year, we have become zealots for all-things-Swooz. We don’t just go into the store for client meetings. We pick up our favorite teams’ tailgating supplies. We Ooo and Ahh over new products. We order Holiday cards.

Now through October 9, 2011, Swoozie’s is hosting their Annual Customer Celebration event. Swoozie’s wants to let their customers know how much they love and appreciate each and every one of them by offering a 25% discount.

We’re just a little excited.

Not only that, but Swoozie’s wants to get to know the people behind the “OOs” by highlighting the creativity of their customers on Swoozie’s blog. To encourage customer creativity, Swoozie’s has placed a printable copy of “OO” glasses on their blog. You simply print them out, add some “pizazz,” and post pics on Swoozie’s Facebook page.

Like I said, we’re zealots for Swoozie’s. So we couldn’t resist.

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