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The bottom of our office building houses several good, locally-owned restaurants. While our choices aren’t exactly endless, they all certainly have two things in common – they’re convenient, quick & all serve Coca-Cola products.

Not unusual for Atlanta, but Coke has done something clever to help promote themselves and support these local restaurants at the same time. When you walk near any of the restaurants it is quickly apparent that Coke is the beverage of choice. They have branded umbrellas, signs, fountains, counter tops, menus, tablecloths, drink coolers, even Specials of the Day that include your favorite contoured bottle of choice.

Great for Coke, surely more than just a splash of branding. But, also great for the restaurants, who I’m certain got these things complimentary for serving Coke, or at least deeply discounted where they would have to go find them & pay more otherwise.

Especially in a tight economy, finding mutually beneficial ways to support your customers is a great way to build Zealots for your brand at the same time!

Guest Relations Marketing
Transforming Prospects to Guests, and Guests to Zealots

The Coca-Cola Company may very well have more Zealots than any other brand on Earth.  Their span is far-reaching and their loyal supporters are avid fans of the brand, accepting no substitutions (ahem, Pepsi).

While there are many Zealotry actions we could showcase, AdAge recently publish an article (How Two Coke Fans Brought the Brand to Facebook Fame) spotlighting Coke taking a stand that is surprising for most big brands, making it the feature of today’s Zealotry Marketing spotlight.  The article discusses the popularity of Coke’s Facebook Page (second only to President Barack Obama’s page), and most interestingly, the fact that the Page itself was created not by the parent company, but instead by two Zealots of the Coke brand.

Due to some regulations in brand/Page ownership set in place by Facebook, The Coca-Cola Company made the decision not to shut down the fan-lead Page, but to instead thank the Zealots who created the popular Page and allow them to join forces with Coke to continue to effectively manage and grow the Facebook Page for the worldwide brand.

Not only did Coke activate and engage some of their most avid supporters, but immediately their Facebook Page becomes even more credible than ever before. The Page is run by those that love it most, not by a corporate voice, but by people that truly love the brand and want to share it with the world. It is a shining example of the power of brand love, of appreciation for their fans, and the amazing word-of-mouth and referral power your Zealots can have for bringing together other like-minded supporters for your brand.

Guest Relations Marketing
Transforming Prospects to Guests, and Guests to Zealots.

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