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It was recently announced in the automotive trades – “Ford and GM renew a bitter rivalry.” Despite their financial issues, both companies clearly have “zealots” for both their overall company as well as specific branded vehicles. As a zealot for Mustangs, a Camaro, no matter how “transformed,” is simply second rate.

Great brands have zealots. They also have arch-rivals. One of the tenets of marketing from Steve Jobs: overtly identify and make known your enemy. It is core to great branding. If you make it clear what you stand for, you necessarily stand against something else.

Who is your brand’s enemy?

What are the great rivalries of zealotry brands? Here’s some that quickly come to mind. What is your best example?

  • Miller Lite vs. Bud Lite
  • Mercedes vs. BMW
  • Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola
  • Apple vs. Microsoft

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