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Hollrr is a relatively new site devoted to referral.  Unlike other organic referrals or recommendations found on the web, Hollrr brashly solicits endorsements through reviews, referrals and other tactics and will pay cash for the efforts.

From Hollrr: “Social Media totally changes what effective advertising should be. Why should you believe a company that tells you their brand is good… when you can listen to the Twittersphere and find out exactly what users think of that brand?”

Social media does not change what effective advertising should be.   Effective advertising has always been about being authentic, credible, distinctive and often, giving consumers a different way to look at a product or service.

BzzAgent has been successful as a grassroots referral promotion for new products.   But, using social media as the primary platform opens up a company for severe backlash if referral is driven by promotional payouts instead of real, felt experiences.

Incidentally, Hollrr is ranked by Alexa as the number 266,263 website.

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