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Ah, metrics.

Ask any marketer in the world and they will tell you that it is important to measure your marketing efforts. Because if you don’t monitor metrics that report  the significance of what you are (or aren’t) doing, then you will never have any idea if you are doing the right thing.

This should not be news to you. 

Blog posts and articles saturate the web that outline the significance of measuring marketing efforts. However, and might I add ironically, this is the exact area where marketers lack the most. In fact, I garauntee that if you walked into any marketing agency and asked them if all of their metrics dashboards or data sheets were up to date you would get a big fat “NO.”

Why is this so often the case? Well, I could tell you because updating spreadsheet after spreadsheet is often tedious. Or maybe you would prefer the answer that marketers are so fixed on doing that they forget to look back and observe what they’ve done?

I believe that the true answer lies into a little of both.

As a marketer I want to put the client first. I want to share their content, brainstorm for their brand, and dream of the next viral campaign. However, the more time I spend on thinking of the future without observing the past, the higher the risk I run of heading straight down a path to NOWHERE.

My point? Take the time to measure your initiatives and understand how your marketing efforts are performing. I promise that it will only provide insight that will enable you to be a better marketer. And in the end, isn’t that what we all are striving to become?

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