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Here at Guest Relations Marketing, we love coming up with campaign ideas. Brainstorming promotions, giveaways, and contests? One of the most fun parts of our job. The only downside – we aren’t allowed to participate. But instead of pouting about the awesome prizes we’re missing out on, we decided to spread the word about one of our client’s current promotions.

We’re just that generous.

Our most tasty client is Smoothie King Atlanta. Hands down. We just kicked off an exciting promotion around their newest product, Lean1. Lean1 smoothies come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry and help you burn fat 68% faster.

Yeah, they’re magical.

Smoothie King Atlanta and 680 The Fan, Atlanta’s Sports Station, have joined forces for the Fall Fit Giveaway. Just head over to Smoothie King Atlanta’s Facebook Page and click “Vote Lean1 & Win” on the left. Pick your favorite Lean1 smoothie flavor, enter some contact info, and you’re done! Once you’ve entered the poll you’re eligible to win a trip to King & Prince Resort, a $150 gift card to Big Peach Running Co., a 1 year membership to Massage Envy, and a 1 year supply of Lean1 smoothies from Smoothie King.

Now you see why we’re so jealous we can’t win.

But because we’re zealots for Smoothie King Atlanta and because we’re zealots for amazing giveaways, we just had to fill you in. If we can’t win a year’s worth of delicious Lean1 smoothies, you certainly deserve to. Good luck!

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