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Aaahhh…baseball season.  Ball parks.  Hot dogs and beer.  Fandamonium galore. One of the purest forms of zealotry in action is baseball rivalries. Check out this video for New Era about the Red Sox / Yankees rivalry and tell us which team you are rooting for this season.

“In this economy” must surely be the phrase of the year, but Major League Baseball understands it to be true. With falling ticket sales and decreased attendance, they are getting back to the basics and talking to the true, loyal, long-time fans of the sport – their Zealots.

The Wall Street Journal published a wonderful look today (Full Article Here – Loyal Fans Are Batting Cleanup) at the actions MLB is taking across the board to focus on the long-term strategy of recognizing the Zealots for their brand, actions that don’t just include price cuts, but also include value-added benefits like early entrance to games and invites to exclusive player gatherings.  “In an age of fallen circumstances and concerns about revenue, major-league baseball teams are training their attention on a long-overlooked and increasingly endangered species — those unfailingly loyal fans who buy tickets for every game,” states the WSJ.

It is true that loyal fans are often those that all brands most often overlook, especially in the “good times” when they can more afford to so. So brands reach for other targets, the short-term money makers who are true loyalists but will play ball (pardon the pun) for the time being.  “In the past, when attendance was rising, the clubs’ marketing departments focused on big-dollar sales, such as corporate suites and stadium-naming rights … Suddenly, clubs remembered that nobody matters more than loyal fan.” It is the Zealots that talk about baseball, that come to every game they can, that immerse themselves in the details of their team and share with their friends. And, at the end of the day – MLB teams are still in the entertainment business.

There comes a point when selling all their tickets to un-interested fans who don’t actually attend games or support their team starts to detract as a whole from the brand experience, from the sport of baseball overall. Building more Zealots for the teams and sport of baseball ensures long-term success for the brand as a whole.

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