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Why do you want to intern?

You’re looking for an opportunity to gain school credit?

You are seeking to get real-world experience?

You’re ready to launch your career?

You had an advertising campaigns class and really liked it?

Mom or Dad said you have to get out of the house and do something?

Those are all nice reasons. But those are not us.

We’re looking for one intern. That one.

We’re about creating more zealots for our clients.

We’re zealots for our clients.

We’re zealots about our work.

Our intern? That one?

A zealot. A zealot for inventing, creating, solving, satisfying and doing.

Our interns are on the firing line.  No hiding here.

No auditing our program. You’re in the game. Real work. Real involvement with clients. Real problems to solve. Real opportunity.

We’re looking, too. For that one.

Passionate. Intelligent. Witty. Teammate. Winner. A Zealot for Life.

Our internship is not a “give back to the community” program. We’re looking for the one individual who is bursting to get in the game, start practicing their craft and change the way marketing happens.

Our interns get to do a lot of work. It usually results in a real job. Because they will have proven they can do real work.

Guest Relations Marketing is almost six years old. We’re still a kid. And, we only recently instituted our intern program. So, what is our track record? We’ve had three interns. Two we hired permanently. The third? Currently working for an online agency. The partners of Guest Relations established an intern program at their previous agency. The program became so renowned that other agencies called to interview and hire our interns.

Nothing fancy here. Just one great opportunity. For one great intern. Are you the one?

Tell us why. Email April:


The requirements:

Primary Objectives of the Program:

  • Provide a “real world” learning experience
  • Cross-platform training & project execution

Program Opportunities & Requirements:

  • Intended as major course credit/learning
  • Available starting:  February, April, June, September
  • 30 – 35 hours per week / 90-day commitment required
  • Unpaid internship

Basic Duties:

  • Get an overall view of full scope of marketing duties and interaction, through participation in internal and client meetings
  • Develop a project essentially from start to finish, including presentation to the client
  • Assist team in developing specific recommendations, projects or analyses in support of client or agency programs
  • Other as approved by specific program outline

Internship Program May Include:

  • Competitive interview process
  • DISC or other profile analysis
  • Educational platform that may include such topics as:
    • Marketing 101: Agency vs. client-side
    • How to effectively work with your clients
    • Traffic, project management & time management
    • Account planning & research
    • Importance of great creative
    • The new media frontier
    • Social media training
    • Effective e-Communication & database management
    • Presentations, communications, and brand you
  • Networking & industry event opportunities
  • Mid-point and final performance review


  • Demonstration of high interest/passion for advertising profession
  • Good communication skills, particularly writing ability
  • Flexible, team-oriented
  • Advertising, marketing or related major emphasis
  • Junior, senior or recent graduate

Program Contact:

  • Submit the following three items:
  1. Your resume
  2. One thing you are a Zealot for (and why)
  3. Best example of your writing capabilities


Guest Relations Marketing creates marketing results through programs designed to build more zealots for your brand.  Zealots are willing to tell your story to others, without reservation and without being paid to do so.   And, not only are they credible messengers, Harvard Business Review says the surest way to long-term profitability is through customer referral.

Guest Relations uses a distinctive blend of brand research, direct marketing techniques and superior creative talent to build brand, direct and advertising programs from the inside-out that are measured and synced with the operational realities of your business.   The agency has become known for its unconventional “zealotry marketing” approach.   Michael Tyre, managing partner was named by HSMAI as one of the “Top 25 Most Engaging Minds” in hospitality marketing.

Our experiences with hospitality programs includes hotel management companies, independent destination resorts, multi-unit franchise operations, boutique brands, conference centers and destination marketing.

Some reasons to consider a conversation/proposal from an agency you may not know that is based in Atlanta, Georgia:

  • We have a history of successfully re-branding resorts and increasing their value perception and REVPAR (Mauna Lani Resort; Halekulani)
  • We know how to build a sustainable hotel brand (Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.)
  • We have had success in attracting mainland U.S. travelers to non-mainland locations around the globe
  • Our target insights and strategy are the basis of greater results (Top 25 Most Engaging Minds in Hospitality – HSMAI;  research work for Best Western featured in Business Week)
  • We historically have had clients based in such locales as Hawaii,  the Caribbean, the West Coast and Europe,  so we know how to handle time and distance differentials
  • Our clients come back to us – current example is we are working for the West Paces Hotel Group – founded by the former execs of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
  • We are small enough that you will always get our “A” team and our complete dedication to ensuring a successful program

If you like what you’ve read and what you see – then allow us the opportunity to do the same for you and your property.   We’ll be glad to steer you to clients and former clients who will vouch for our work performance and ethic.

But, here’s the one reason you should strongly consider inviting us to meet:   We are going to create stronger, lasting results at less overall marketing cost than anyone else you are talking to.   The consistent thread is our zealotry approach to targeting … finding your zealots, working through them and finding more zealots for your very fine property.   And, we’ll prove it.

“I chose to work with Guest Relations Marketing in spite of the physical distance from Hawaii because GRM was different.

  • They were not a traditional advertising agency that was caught in the time warp of focusing on selling print strategies to me.
  • They knew the Hawaii market and understood our competitive situation.
  • They understood the mind set of our target consumer and were able to pinpoint strategies to get us more market share.
  • They were able to help us with finding our niche and created a voice in our marketing that we all could buy into and collaborate with.
  • They were able to match us with the most compatible teams for creative execution, data base marketing and CRM solutions.

I chose to keep the relationship going even after we achieved some of the key measurement targets because

  • They supported us and remained flexible as we were working our way out of the doldrums of past issues.

They acted as partners in managing budgets and staying on track with deliverables from vendors.”

Kurt Matsumoto, General Manager, Mauna Lani Resort

We encourage you to visit our website at to learn more about us and our experiences.

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