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When you think of buying a car, what comes to mind? For many, it’s stress. Hours of wasted time. The dread of dealing with a dishonest car salesman. I’m a planner, so when my car was reaching the end of its life last year, I visited virtually every dealership in town to find the vehicle that would replace my once-trusted sedan. And along with those visits I witnessed a few questionable car-dealership practices of my own. Once I decided the Ford Focus was in-fact the car for me, there was no question in my mind where I was going to purchase it – Allan Vigil. Although I have a unique relationship with the dealer, Allan Vigil is unlike the vast majority of the dealerships I visited. The facilities are amazing and the employees are all kind, knowledgable individuals who are simply there to help you. They’re normal people! So when it came time for a new television campaign for Allan Vigil, we decided to take a different approach. Since Allan Vigil is the “anti-dealer,” The Vigilante was born. 379602_461850640574872_439985482_n Bad dealers beware; The Vigilante is a hero of the people. Always suited-up, The Vigilante is constantly on the lookout to rescue people from bad dealership practices. A silent hero, he swoops in during a time of crisis and hands over a Vigilante card informing the customer where they can go to be treated right: Allan Vigil. This campaign has hit a cord with customers; presenting a very relatable – and oftentimes uncomfortable – situation in a lighthearted manner. Since the first TV spot aired more than three months ago, the dealership has receiving nothing but glowing feedback. What are you waiting for? It’s time to meet The Vigilante.

Guest Relations has – and we love it.  Specifically, Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury has brought on our agency to manage their entire marketing program.  Vice President, Mike Vigil commented, “We want to deliver a superior customer experience and love the hospitality perspective Guest Relations brings to our business.   We’ve had agencies that knew the automotive business.  We like the fact that they understand how to connect marketing to what we want to be as a brand.”

Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury has a terrific history of being a trusted business partner in the community, and Ford is now simply delivering the best value vehicles on the road.  That is a great combination to work with. Stay tuned – we are working on a new campaign that will break all stereotypes of dealer marketing and advertising.

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