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With Ford Motor Company being a leader in the social media space, one local automotive dealer took this opportunity to the next level to see how social media could drive more business on the local level as well.

For Georgia dealer, Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury, we created an exclusive Facebook-only promotion for our Fans – Become a Fan of our Page and get a Free Oil Change. The promotion was simple in execution and ran for approximately 4 months, but became a highly effective marketing tool for driving tangible business for the dealership.

The results:

10x increase in Facebook Fans
One goal of our promotion was to increase the number of Facebook Fans. The point of note here was the rapid acceleration of growth, going from an average of 21 new Fans each month to 237 Fans during the promotional period. Talk about kick-starting a program that had plateaued.

Immediate 2 to 1 ROI, with long-term ROI of more than 10 to 1
The question of social media and ROI always comes into play, though the medium itself is cost-effective by nature, some retailers cringe at the thought of “free” giveaways.  This dealership took the gamble with no qualms and quickly realized the potential of the promotion with an immediate 2 to 1 ROI and nearly $8,000 generated in additional service from those who came in simply for a free oil change.

9% revenue generated from 1st time customers
Of the additional revenue generated during the promotional period, 9% came directly from 1st time customers of the dealership, setting the stage for continued, long-term growth and re-visits.

The almighty referral factor
And, as we love to state, the power of referral again comes into play here. If referral is the surest form of long-term loyalty & satisfaction, then we found a homerun with this Facebook promotion.  Targeting the local market, the spread became a powerful one with at 300% growth in unaided Interactions with viral spread, positive word-of-mouth, and a wealth of new Zealots for the brand.

Has your social media program hit a plateau?  Looking to grow more Zealots for your brand? Contact Guest Relations Marketing for information on kick-starting your marketing program.

Duke & Associates creates videos that tell stories in an artful and emotionally authentic way.  He has produced several awarded and highly acclaimed PBS programs.   By weaving interviews of people involved in the particular story, David creates engaging and mesmerizing films. Not only does his style lend itself well to our desire of portraying our clients distinctively, a nicer person to work with you will not find.

David’s already worked with us on two of our clients:

Check out his work for CURE Childhood Cancer

Check out his work for Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury

Guest Relations has – and we love it.  Specifically, Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury has brought on our agency to manage their entire marketing program.

Vice President, Mike Vigil commented, “We want to deliver a superior customer experience and love the hospitality perspective Guest Relations brings to our business.   We’ve had agencies that knew the automotive business.  We like the fact that they understand how to connect marketing to what we want to be as a brand.”

Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury has a terrific history of being a trusted business partner in the community, and Ford is now simply delivering the best value vehicles on the road.  That is a great combination to work with. Stay tuned – we are working on a new campaign that will break all stereotypes of dealer marketing and advertising.

Guest Relations Marketing is excited to announce Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury as a new client.

We will be working with Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln Mercury to craft a Social Media Program for the brand. As with all our clients, we are already at work becoming Zealots for this wonderful brand.

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at our on-going quest to get knee-deep in the brand. While we started with a secret shop of both dealerships, copious notes & observations, getting to know their employees & staff – the gallery below is all about getting to know the product.

The dealership provided us a Ford Flex to get the experience started. We drove it around for over a week, tested out all the bells and whistles and really had a great time getting to experience the product first-hand.

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