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Are You That One Intern We’re Looking For?

Why do you want to intern?

You’re looking for an opportunity to gain school credit?

You are seeking to get real-world experience?

You’re ready to launch your career?

You had an advertising campaigns class and really liked it?

Mom or Dad said you have to get out of the house and do something?

Those are all nice reasons. But those are not us.

We’re looking for one intern. That one.

We’re about creating more zealots for our clients.

We’re zealots for our clients.

We’re zealots about our work.

Our intern? That one?

A zealot. A zealot for inventing, creating, solving, satisfying and doing.

Our interns are on the firing line.  No hiding here.

No auditing our program. You’re in the game. Real work. Real involvement with clients. Real problems to solve. Real opportunity.

We’re looking, too. For that one.

Passionate. Intelligent. Witty. Teammate. Winner. A Zealot for Life.

Our internship is not a “give back to the community” program. We’re looking for the one individual who is bursting to get in the game, start practicing their craft and change the way marketing happens.

Our interns get to do a lot of work. It usually results in a real job. Because they will have proven they can do real work.

Guest Relations Marketing is almost eight years old. And our track record with interns is pretty stellar. Two we’ve hired permanently. Two have really awesome jobs. The partners of Guest Relations established an intern program at their previous agency. The program became so renowned that other agencies called to interview and hire our interns.

Nothing fancy here. Just one great opportunity. For one great intern. Are you the one?

Tell us why. Submit your resume, cover letter, writing samples and what you are a zealot for.  Email April:

We’ve made two new additions to the Guest Relations Marketing family. What do we love most about summertime? Interns. And we’ve got some good ones on our hands.


Victoria Skinner, our Account Management intern, is a rising Senior at the University of Georgia, with a major in Advertising and a minor in French. Victoria was also a student in the New Media Institute at UGA, where she obtained a New Media certificate and most of her web skills.

So what is Victoria a Zealot for? Disney! Hey, who isn’t? After obtaining some experience in Atlanta, Victoria hopes to work for Disney, or continue on with an agency Account Management position that allows her to travel internationally.

Alan Carroll, our Account Planning intern, is a recent UGA grad with a passion for books and all things sports. For him, there is nothing more exciting than the thrill of a big win by the Georgia Bulldogs or the intrigue of exploring the worlds of George R.R. Martin, Clive Cussler, and Tom Clancy. He also enjoys playing the piano and gaming in his spare time.

When he isn’t devouring some new sci-fi/fantasy novel or having a few drinks with friends on a Saturday afternoon at Turner Field, Alan is busy advancing his education under the tutelage of Mike Tyre. Having only received his bachelor’s degrees in advertising and psychology two months ago, Alan just now beginning to explore what directions his career might go in.

Both Alan and Victoria hope to use their time here at Guest Relations Marketing to continue to grow in an industry that is constantly changing and expanding.

Retailers are constantly working to stay ahead of the social marketing curve. Whether they’re using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram (to name a few), they are thinking of new ways for their products to get in front of a large audience. Better yet? To get in front of a large audience at minimal cost.

Over the years, Facebook has proven to be a productive way of referring customers to your website.

The formula: Interesting Images + Engaging content + Links = Increased Web Traffic

However, there is a limitation to what Facebook provides. Once the platform introduced the People Talking About This metric (PTAT), it shortly became no secret that when a brand page posts something, only a small percentage of its fans will see the post. You are required to solicit engagement from your fans, or actually pay money, to reach a more reasonable percentage of your followers.

Oh, bah humbug!

But, wait! That’s the beauty behind Pinterest. It’s a visually stimulating and free website that allows you to promote your products to thousands of people. Not to mention, that people who are using it are searching for ways to be inspired.


Don’t believe me? A recent research study conducted by BloomReach showed that Pinterest traffic spent 60% more than traffic coming from Facebook and converted to a sale 22% more than Facebook.

We recently put the numbers to the test for one of our retail clients by working with a popular fashion blogger. She simply took a picture of a cute monogrammed tumbler, posted it to her social channels, and allowed us to also use the image for promotional purposes.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 11.40.11 AM

The key to success was not that we simply used Pinterest – but that we partnered with an influential women in the blogging/Pinterest space. Through this partnership, we were able to reach people who were our client’s target customers, but may have never heard of our client’s brand.

Here are some top line results from the Pinterest/Blogger partnership:

  • The image was repinned 1,100 times in a two week period
  • Referral traffic accounted for 50% of total website traffic
  • In a 30 day period, 49,940 website visits came from Pinterest
  • The product pictured above received 65,633 page views in that same 30 day period
  • The client received the highest monthly website traffic in the store’s history

Wow! Those results obviously made for a very happy client.

Curious at how Facebook compared to the Pinterest giant? Through posting the same exact image on our client’s Facebook account, we were able to garner just over 1,000 website visits. Hm, seems pretty obvious to me that Pinterest won this battle.

Game. Set. Match.

With Hurricane Sandy devastating the Northeast last week, I find myself clicking through photo albums of the destruction, curious to catch a glimpse of what these people are going through. Studying the photos, I can’t help but think of my experience living in Tuscaloosa last year when a massive tornado leveled so much of my beloved town. When I think about the weeks – and months – after the storm, the destruction isn’t the only thing that stands out in my mind. I remember the groups, individuals, and brands that swarmed the city to help those in-need.

Imagine being without electricity – totally disconnected – during a time of destruction. You’re unable to turn on the TV and check the status of your city. Unable to read the news on your laptop. Unable to pick up your cell phone and text your friends and family. That’s where Duracell stepped in, setting up PowerRelief mobile charging stations near areas of destruction. Whether it’s Tuscaloosa, AL or Battery Park, NY, Duracell provides a free place for individuals to charge their electronics, use computers with internet access, and watch live TV news coverage.

After a natural disaster, roads are littered with nails, glass, and sharp wooden shards. Whether it’s your car or an emergency truck making its way down the street, avoiding a flat tire is nearly impossible. BFGoodrich Tires offered assistance, setting up an emergency repair station for individuals and emergency vehicles whose tires were punctured driving through areas of destruction.

During a time of devastation, the Tide Loads of Hope station rolls into town, bringing with it more than 32 energy-efficient washers and dryers. Families drop off their laundry and the Tide crew washes, dries, and folds the clothing for free. Why does Tide do this? “Because, as we’ve learned, sometimes even the littlest things can make a big, big difference.”

For these brands to offer assistance in times of need simply makes sense. These aid stations fit organically with each brand and are undeniably beneficial for the victims whose lives have been directly impacted by the storm. Not only that, but they are infinitely valuable for a brand’s reputation. Whether it’s media coverage of the generosity or the brand’s ability to help a few thousand people – and along with it create new brand Zealots – the benefits are through the roof.

Just look at me. Duracell, Tide, and BFGoodrich stick out so vividly in my memory, I’m telling you about them right now. If that’s not Zealotry in-action, I don’t know what is. Hats off to the brands who are offering their aid during times of need. Do you have stories of other brands who have offered assistance? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Yes Super Bowl is about the football, if you know anything about our office you know we love football. But it is also all about the ads and we love to talk about them. Wasn’t it your water cooler chatter today? It certainly was ours and we asked our team to weigh in on their favorites. Here is what they had to say:

Mike Tyre, Managing Partner:  The Chrysler ad

“One ad stood out.  It was totally about today.  Truthfully with just a little editing, viewers might have considered it a part of the programming.  The commercial was Chrysler.  It is getting widely praised as the “best of” for this Super Bowl.  Three reasons why.  First, in a sea of ads trying to be humor, be clever or tell you how smart or great they are, Chrysler talked about you … or the American people.  It reflected the angst and the polarization in this country’s political climate.  And, it offered a solution … “Americans get behind Detroit.”  Made you feel it.  Great casting.  As a contrast, GE ran a couple of ads.  They were frankly boring.  Why?  They are talking about what they are doing and their people.  Employees and stockholders maybe will like it, but nothing on the emotive meter.  Secondly, terrific positioning.  A great play of media placement and messaging.   Third, people look to brands that can aspire something greater.  In a game that represents the culmination of dreams for players, Chrysler connected their brand.  Not to buying sheet metal, but to being a part of “rekindling” the American Dream.  How can you not jump on that train?  Did it sell cars?  I know this.  A lot of people who wouldn’t have considered Chrysler at all are at least thinking about them now.  Chrysler at least got into the consideration stage for a lot of viewers.  That makes their commercial the MVP of Super Bowl ads.”

Bob Richardson, Copywriter: The Audi Vampires Ad

“An unusual scenario for top tier car brand. This spot uses a pop cult vampire spin to sell the product’s incomparable feature — the Audi brand’s ultra-powerful headlights. They shine on a group of vampires at night, like daylight, making vampires disappear. Even the vampire driver, amused and passing in front of the Audi’s headlights, vanishes in light of Audi’s mystical product feature. The joke IS the product — not detached — therefore effective.”

Jan Sharrow, Designer:  The Budweiser Eternal Optimism ad

“The nostalgic time line of the Budweiser – 2012 – Eternal Optimism ad. Budweiser has been around for many years and this ad illustrates how the brand has been a part of our history. It’s fun to watch snapshots of years gone by in a positive party setting. There are scenes from history from times before I was born until now. It gets more emotional to see times in history that I lived through such as the scene from the 1980’s. Make me want to party.”

April Voris, Partner:  The Honda Ferris Bueller ad

“My pick is the Honda commercial with Mathew Brodrick. It tapped into a nostalgia that anyone in a certain target age will relate, and this happens to be a target for the CRV. Even the last detail of the valet was brilliant.”

Amanda Kirkland, Producer:  The Kia ad

“I was born and raised in Alabama. Which means one thing for sure: I have no allegiance when it comes to NFL. So each year when the Super Bowl rolls around, the commercials are the highlight of my night.  My favorite commercial of the evening was the Kia spot. Which really surprised me. It opened up with a very creppy minion sneaking around people’s bedrooms, sprinkling pixie dust. I didn’t like it at all. Until the overdose of pixie dust resulted in the ultimate man-dream.  Between the macho man riding a bucking rhino and a monstrous sandwich being sawed in half by lumberjacks, I was in stitches. But my favorite part? When our hero rescued his leading lady – his wife – with the message that a Kia is a normal car for normal people. Good job, Kia.”

Charissa Schultz, Designer:  The Budweiser Weego ad

“I loved the Budweiser commercial with the dog named “Weego.” Besides the fact that I love ads with pets in them, It was entertaining to the very end, yet you never lost sight of the product in all the shenanigans with the dog. After carrying bottles to all the individual guests, Wego brought in a keg when he saw the crowd joining the party. And at the end, he came floating by in the pool with yet another cold Bud.  Even with all the going’s on, this ad subtly showed:  1. You can enjoy the product not only in bottles, but also by the keg.  2. It was a good refreshment for when you have a couple of friends over, or when you have a crowd.  3. People enjoy the product both inside and outdoors.  But the best reason to love this ad is that the owner stated at the very beginning that Weego was a “rescue dog.” That was an excellent ( and subtle – using only two words) way to show that the company cared about animal rights and supported finding homes for homeless pets.  And that earned this commercial a five-star rating from me!!”

Ashley Schoenith, Director of Social Media & Engagement:  Beyond TV

“Beyond the TV, I was impressed by some of the creative ways in which marketers capitalized on social for this year’s Superbowl – and Twitter lead the way. Chevy shines again through their sponsorship of trending topic #Superbowl. The folks at Shazam should be giving themselves a pat on the back too – I think I counted 6 different commercials that plugged them in some way. American Express and Pizza Hut partnering for a Super Swarm Sunday promotion on FourSquare – also a nice touch. A few Facebook Ad buys from Toyota and The Voice seem to have garnered some interest, allowing us to engage back with the brand. The only thing missing for me? Pinterest of course. Maybe next year…”

We are passionate about creating zealots for our clients.  We are looking for a zealot of social media.

Lots of people understand websites, social media sites, blogs, pay per click – the online execution.  We are looking for one unique person.  That understands how to execute online, but is not simply a specialist in the nuts and bolts of social media and online placement.   Instead you get this is a whole new frontier – this idea of engagement instead of impressions.  A zealot for the possibilities of bringing brands to life through online engagement.  A zealot that can creatively deliver marketing strategy through social media.

You know the fundamentals.  You are creative.  You have a streak of entrepreneur in you.  We offer you a chance to grow.  To explore.  To invent something different.  Social media, even online communications are too new to simply settle for “what is being done.”  Got ideas on what online engagement should be?  Then, we want to talk to you.

The  Role of Manager, Engagement & Social Media:

  • Be the key day-to-day lead to our clients on social media and online programs, plans and pitches
  • While the focus is on social media, we desire this individual to integrate all online, including web, social media and paid online into our recommendations and programs
  • Collaborate on new business development for online/social media
  • Emergency back-up on other GRM projects

How This Fits With GRM:

GRM is at heart a brand marketing agency, focused on building programs that drive referrals.   Our approach is to build more “zealots” for our clients’ brands and products.  We’ve coined it, “Zealotry Marketing.”

Customer engagement is key to referral – strengthening the relationship between client and their “zealots”; among and through zealots (to their contacts); building new zealots through engagement and targeting like-minded prospects.

Social media is a natural touchpoint of Zealotry Marketing.  By its very nature, it is a media of engagement, conversations and referral.  Thus, it is a key area of distinction and growth for Guest Relations Marketing.  By creating a distinct discipline and specialty, we are merely improving and enhancing the value of Zealotry Marketing.

In any social media program, GRM’s distinction lies in three main points:

  • It is always integrated to the larger perspective of branding
  • We develop and execute all content appropriate to the brand
  • We view it as an extended direct engagement tool, not a substitute for other touchpoints or paid media programs

Specific Duties, to Include:

  • Supervision and execution of all online programs
  • Understanding and ability to establish proper analytics and measures
  • Ability to link online tactics to overall brand creative and strategic direction
  • Specific expertise in building engagement, community and following online
  • Expertise in blogs, including writing and blogger outreach
  • Supervise paid online buys, resources and personnel

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • 3+ years of dedicated digital experience at an interactive, advertising, communications, public relations, and/or marketing agency.
  • Creative thinker.
  • Passionate about what you do. “A Zealot for social media.”
  • Experience working on social media marketing programs, and word-of-mouth campaigns.
  • Experience building a brand using social tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Basic knowledge of web site design and development.
  • Knowledge of SEO, and search engine marketing fundamentals.
  • Knowledge of paid online process, resources and options.
  • Ability to think, plan and execute resourcefully, across multiple tasks.
  • Knowledge of online tracking and monitoring tools and ability to search and find key content within social media.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.

Compensation and Incentives:

Base salary and overall bonus will be reviewed annually and adjusted based on overall agency financial performance and situation.

100% Health and Dental Insurance to Employee.

2 weeks paid vacation.

13 paid holidays.

For the right individual we are willing to discuss specific incentives related to this role.

Paid training allowance (to be established) for continuing education related to this position.

Here at Guest Relations Marketing, we all have strong opinions. We challenge one another’s ideas to ensure that we provide our clients with the best solutions possible. Sometimes this means we have to agree to disagree. However, as different as we may be, there is one thing we all have in common:

A love for all things Apple.

The news of Steve Job’s death was a popular topic of conversation in the office today. The discussion of our zealotry for the Apple brand quickly turned into a discussion of our zealotry for the man behind the brand. Here’s what we had to say:

Steve Jobs was the Thomas Edison of our time; what he accomplished in his lifetime impacted every single person in the entire world. He once said he wanted to strive to be remembered for changing the world. I’d say he achieved just that in the most profound way possible.

It’s a sad day for Steve Jobs and the Apple family. On the other hand, this man offered a tremendous legacy that can inspire all businesses. The power of radically looking at the competition and the category and truly offering something different. Of understanding the mindset, not simply the demographics, of customers. But for Guest Relations, we take away from Jobs the understanding that it takes both a distinctive product and a superior customer experience. At every touchpoint. Someone said it well in an article I read last night: Jobs had the creativity and insight not simply to dream up products that never existed, but he also could visualize how to package, promote and deliver them to consumers in a simple, yet integrated manner. Steve Jobs was simply the best Zealotry Marketer of our time.

Apple products have become an essential part of my life from the day I was introduced to them. I remember learning at a young age on an early Apple desktop, and am now connected at the hip via laptop, iPad, iPhone and iPod – all of which keep me up to date and connected to the world. The innovation that Steve Jobs developed has inspired a legacy of amazing things to come for the future.

Steve Jobs made Apple a company that completely changed the way the world communicates. His passion for innovating technology made the world a better place. There’s no question that the world just lost one of the true greats.

Steve Jobs envisioned products that simply make sense. They fit seamlessly into our lives. They’re easy to use. They’re beautiful. Jobs set the standard for what all companies should strive to achieve: he was loyal to his high brand standards and Apple customers were loyal to him. Jobs once said, “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Let’s all strive to be that yardstick.

You probably know that there are more than 500 million active Facebook users – Did you know that 40% are now accessing Facebook via their mobile phone? Or, the +35 year olds are now more than 30% of all users? And, talk about referral …. 57% of people talk to people more online than in real life.

Smoothie King Atlanta has brought on Guest Relations to execute an online program for their north Georgia stores. Guest Relations will be utilizing Facebook and foursquare to increase followers and create store level traffic.

Smoothie King’s product mix and locations are perfect for the online world and today’s mobile lifestyle.

We’ve already gotten started with a fun promotion for Smoothie King Atlanta! Everyone who likes our page on Facebook can enter to win a year of Smoothie King Atlanta! Enter by May 8, 2011 for your chance to win! Click here to enter!

Zealots of your brand will readily embrace new offerings and share with others. In fact, they often are a great source for discovering new innovation points. They understand your brand, they experience your products/services frequently and they care about your brand. Product development should always include your brand’s zealots.

Consider that staid upper Midwest company – 3M. (stated tongue in cheek).

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing — 3M — is “about inventing hundreds and hundreds of Next Small Things,” reports Marc Gunther in Fortune (9/27/10). “Our business model is literally new-product innovation,” says Larry Wendling, head of 3M’s corporate research. No kidding: “The St. Paul company produces a mind-bending 55,000 products.”

As CEO George Buckley notes, “even in the worst economic times in memory, we released over 1,000 new products.”

The percentage of 3M’s revenues from new products is back up to 30 percent. It all adds up to a $23.1 billion business. –

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