On the subject of social media, our group recently had not one, but two Facebook posts go viral.  One surpassed 647,000 likes with 7,800 comments, and another passed one million likes. When you consider what it costs to place an ad that is read by 647,000 – you start to tap the value in social media. Add to the equation that it provoked 7,800 people to ‘comment’ and another 11,000 to share it to their friends. Now the real impact of engagement becomes apparent.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 5.04.02 PM

We like to say social media can be direct mail on steroids. No better example.

“This post was spawned through the success of a previous post,” explained Sarah Crytzer, GRM’s head of online media. “Through experimenting, we’ve learned that people are encouraged and motivated by posts that are positive in nature. This particular post, specifically, is a no-brainer for those who view it. It’s wonderful news, the cake is fabulous, and it makes you WANT to click ‘like” or “share.” For those who have been affected by the disease – it’s encouraging. For those who are advocates of the cause – it’s motivating. And, even if you are somebody who has no relation the the topic – it’s an easy like.”