Not sure exactly how to get a social media program going, or getting tepid results to date?  Here are some simple, yet fundamental steps in heading your social media program in the right direction.

1. Know where your target is … go to those platforms. Like a traditional media buy, be effective in one platform before you simply jump into all. Have a plan.

2. Understand what content is appropriate for each platform. What is going to be viewed as an interruption and what will be viewed as engaging? Build a content calendar that fits the platform.

3. Having said that, most orgs and companies now need to have some Facebook and Twitter presence. Build your following.

4. If your business is not currently engaged in social media or the results are tepid, then enlist outside resources. We plan programs, consult with client staff on executing internally or deliver turn-key programs.

5.  Establish a clear short-term and intermediate goal(s).  Social media is measurable and there IS a value to followers, engagement and increased web traffic.  What do you want to acheive through social media?  Chances are great your goal is measurable and a return on investment can be established.

Determine what makes the most sense for your business. But do something. Or, be left behind competitively.