It is natural to want to embrace the new. As consumers, we are curious about what we’ve not seen or touched before. As marketers, we want to try the newest media or promotional invention, if for no other reason than the fear of competitively being left behind.

A recent briefing from highlights the reasons behind an exponential growth of “new” products and services.

But, perhaps, embracing the “new” is not the right answer for your brand. Consider the authors concluding point:

“Last but not least, it does not mean all consumer attention will be focused on the new. There will still be endless value in heritage brands, known to deliver constant, trusted quality and provenance. There will be value in well-told, compelling stories. In comfort. In tradition. In the local. In curation of existing products. In tailoring. Remember, no trend applies to all consumers, all of the time, and the ‘new’ doesn’t always kill the old.”

This is a powerful roadmap for building enduring brands… new or old.