Here at Guest Relations Marketing, we’re Zealots for having fun. With that said, we are thrilled to work alongside Allan Vigil Dealerships as part of their exciting, Summer promotion.

We love the new line of Fords so much that we want the whole world to know about them. So what did we do? Contacted local bloggers, of course.

We asked a handful of prominent Atlanta-area bloggers if they would like to drive a new vehicle for a week. As you can imagine, it wasn’t a hard sell. Each week, I’ll pick up one of our blogger pals and drive them to Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln located in Morrow, GA. The blogger will take a car for a week – and simply put – have fun!

Will they love the car? Will they hate it? We’ll soon find out.

Today I picked up a shiny new 2013 Ford Edge to chauffeur our first blogger, Chad Elkins. And since I had a new car at my fingertips, it’s only fair that I take it for a test drive of my own. So Sarah and I took the Edge out for lunch and made a detour in the lovely Ansley Park:

My reaction? The Edge feels like a spaceship. In the best possible way. Cameras, touch screens and voice control galore.

Sarah’s reaction? “The Edge just feels so fun. It inspired me. Maybe a little too much.”

We can’t wait to hear what our bloggers think about their vehicles and I can’t wait to pick up my new ride for next week. Stay tuned.