In a time where advertising is not always glamorized (excluding Super Bowl Sunday, of course) one TV show has helped bring back the industry’s cool factor among the general public.

Mad Men.

And while this show may have led to some interesting conversations about how I spend my day at work (No, we don’t drink whisky and smoke cigars all day. Only in the afternoons.) it has brought a lot of welcomed attention to the industry. The show’s stellar ratings have proven that ad-folk and non-ad-folk alike enjoy reminiscing on the glamor, controversy, and history of the advertising industry.

So when I heard about Newsweek’s Mad Men issue, I was giddy. Not only is the magazine’s cover a throwback to the 1960’s design, but the publication is filled with retro ads. Can you imagine being assigned to create an ad for a brand – and make it in-line with how it would have looked in 1965? Best costume contest ever.

Click over to AdAge to check out 22 pages of retro ads for Bloomingdales, Lincoln, Tide, and more. Plus, you can even vote for your favorite. Which has your pick?