From the continuing series, What is Zealotry Marketing

Guest Relations Marketing has become known for three things: Zealotry Marketing; brand restage; social media programs. These seemingly unconnected concepts actually connect nicely for successful brands.

Almost always, the starting point with a prospect introduction or a new client is one of two things: either they have a fundamental change in the business (new product line; acquisition; new sales territory) or sales have stagnated.

Either way, the discussion always leads back one of target definition. The root issue is always about identifying and accurately defining the correct target. In our worldview, Zealots are the top priority for targeting any change in marketing approach. Why? They are already receptive and a fervent supporter of the brand. It is logical (and empirical) that they are going to be most likely to embrace any new direction or offering. And, they have a track record of helping get the word out – create organic referral.

Typically, in aligning messaging and core value points against referral, it becomes apparent that some partial or full brand restage needs to take place.  Thus, the connection of “Zealotry Marketing” with brand restage – the need to get messaging right and consistent to leverage the impact of your most passionate followers – your Zealots!

Social media? It is where the Zealots play. Social Media is the media of referral.

Zealots = long-term brand profitability.
Brand restage = alignment to Zealotry messaging and values.
Social media = Zealotry (referral) media.

Next issue – we expose the myth of social media.