We’ll be the first to admit – we love to talk. Bring up one of our clients and we can go on for hours. Their products, their services, their engagement… we’re our clients’ biggest advocates. We’re their Zealots.

But when it comes to sharing a brand’s story with its customers, long-winded body copy is rarely the most effective method of communication. A well-shot visual, however, will instantly bring that story to life.

Let’s look at Atlantic Capital Bank. These bankers don’t simply sit behind a desk. They bring their services to their clients in their place of business. So when we decided to photograph the bank employees at work – we took the camera to the construction field. To the law firm. To the front porch.

This photo shoot has turned into a continuing series with real Atlantic Capital Bank employees and real Atlantic Capital Bank clients. And has also resulted in a good-spirited argument over who will get to be featured in the next photo shoot. Like we said, we love to talk. But more importantly, we love telling a good story. And in this instance, we do it without uttering a word.

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