Sorry, we will leave the second opinion of your balky shoulder to an orthopedist, but we can examine and prioritize your business’ marketing plans for 2012.

We offer a 52-point marketing audit report that we will execute for any business, regardless of whether you may be a client of Guest Relations Marketing. It is relatively simple, virtually turn-key process to you. It takes less than 3 weeks and provides you with an objective, 3rd-party, professional, “second opinion” for one low cost, one-time fee.

In addition to a written executive evaluation and presentation of findings, our audit will provide you with three valuable planning tools:

1. Identifying and capturing the right customer and prospect data
2. Prioritizing the right touchpoints for your business, including online and social media
3. Recommended budget ranges by segment

Worst case, we will reinforce your current plans and programs. Best case, we will provide a basis for shifting your budgets or spending priorities. Call us today to schedule this low-cost, no strings attached audit evaluation.