In celebration of one more funny day, this year’s April Fool’s shenanigans are no exception. Here are some of the best, and worst, of April Fool’s Day online today. Be sure to share with us anything you have found too!

1. FourSquare

My first check in on foursquare this morning brought me news that I received no points for checking in. Oh wait, April Fool’s. It was early, I must admit it made me laugh.

2. Jeff Foxworthy for CURE Childhood Cancer

In celebration of April Fool’s Day today, we shared this PSA campaign funny man Jeff Foxworthy did for our client, CURE Childhood Cancer. It’s no laughing matter that only 2% of federal funding is directed towards solving children’s cancer. Please take a moment to watch and share today.

3. YouTube

So, while on YouTube posting the above video, I noticed the retro-inspired YouTube logo change noting the 1911 establish date and couldn’t help but explore more as today YouTube celebrates 100 Years of YouTube. I love this.

4. Facebook

Facebook started a day early by being down, slow or timing out most of yesterday. Real funny, Facebook …

5. Google

And, Google had me laughing out loud with their subtle new Google Motion product. The video is worth watching for the guy demostrating commands, if nothing else.


6. Chick-fil-A

Did you hear the rumor about Chick-fil-A now opening for business on Sundays too? Another April Fool’s joke that’s been circulating today. I must give them credit for their brilliant online strategies, from this to new product launches, reserving a chicken sandwich never tasted so good.