It is not going to make the Digg list for March 1, but we are pleased to announce that Guest Relations is officially 5 years old today!  It has definitely been a roller coaster ride.  At times, it has felt like the 5 year old in this video:

We are pleased with our work at Guest Relations Marketing and the fact that we have beat the economy, the fall-out in the real estate market, the normal growing pains and still managed to join the club of just 20% of businesses that actually survive to 5 years.

What has made this a great ride to date is the true chemistry of our group – both our inside staff and our terrific resource specialists.  Each has genuinely embraced a collaborative spirit in creating distinctive work.   The only drama has been determining what is exactly the best approach for our clients.   You can’t fake culture and the impact it has on a business.  We’re thankful to our staff for that.  Even on the bad days, it has been an inspiring and uplifting place to practice our craft.

Most importantly, we are very thankful and grateful for the trust and confidence that our clients have shown to us over the years.   We truly strive to be “zealots” for our clients.  We hope that has been in evidence in our work and in our attitude.  We are stronger, more competitive, wiser and more focused as a business today than when we started.

Thanks!  It has been a very good ride.

Mike and April