A core tenet for any consumer is the opportunity to choose.  Choose on whatever basis fits their specific desire – price/budget, time constraint, flavor, self-image.  Notice the number of restaurants that congregate in adjoining street corners?  The power of community … and of choice.

This is pretty basic – give your guests options.  The best providers provide not a helter skelter menu of myriad choices, but just a small hand-full that represent who you are as a brand and most importantly HOW your brand connects to their needs and desires.

For example, the prix fixe menu that offers 3 or 4 choices per course.  You are pretty secure that all options are favorites of the chef.   The hotel that offers a couple type of pillows, but each consistent in quality.

No choice, not good. Too many choices, too confusing. A limited number of choices that are carefully thought?   That’s the right choice.