Our last newsletter noted the value of unexpected rewards versus “expected” or earned frequency programs.   But, what is the best way to ensure that unannounced or promoted touches (or rewards) generate the customer delight you intend?

Personal recognition goes to the heart of creating Zealots.   We have seen examples of this countless times through research, through personal experience and through other anecdotal examples. Personal recognition matters, whether you are an upscale brand, a mainstream brand or a niche marketer.

One of the best examples out there is the door greeter at Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart, the great monolith. A retailer based on volume and low prices.   Does a door greeter add value in their philosophy?  Apparently, quite a bit – it is fundamental to their operation.  No, it is not truly personal in the sense of knowing your name and customizing your experience, but in terms of putting a face and a smile as a first impression to its customers?   Priceless, as the advertising line goes.

What are other examples of personal recognition that have impressed you?