Making social media work for you as an independent retailer, when you have just one location, don’t sell online and have the need to move inventory off your shelves – what’s the secret?

Here are a few tips we learned along the way to make your program work harder for you.

We were tasked recently on a four-month project for a local, independent retailer Rocky Mountain Ski & Board. Building and executing a Social Media program for their seasonally driven business provided a few great take-aways for similar businesses.

Give online guests the same experience as in-store guests.
Tell your story online to give the same impression of someone walking through your front door. Share pictures of your products, give people a reason to come visit you. Introduce your employees, tell their story and how it relates to your business.

Provide customer service.

Use your Social Communities to better assist your customers. Encourage them to ask questions, and when they do, respond back to them personally. When are you open? Do you have this in stock? Do you offer this service? Provide value and service to your community.

Welcome in your current customers.

While some customers will find you online, they may not necessarily think to seek you out. Notify your current customers that you are now on Facebook, Twitter and the likes via in-store signage, e-communications and by training your employees to mention it with the customers they are serving.

Leverage the Zealots for your brand.
Target the most passionate & loyal supporters of your store. Educate them, engage them in your online communities as well as in-store and encourage them to share your brand with their like-minded network of friends!

Giving your brick-and-mortar storefront an online presence instantly opens up a whole new audience, filled with both current and potential customers.

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