We recently executed a Valentines card promotion on behalf of CURE Childhood Cancer. Once again, we underestimated the referral power of social media among families and friends. The CURE community really showed their “love;” we nearly ran out of cards.

We developed a simple Valentine’s Day card that families could purchase in packs of 10, to give out to their children’s classmates, family & friends in celebration of the holiday. Each set of 10 was just $10, and we printed 1,000 cards, thinking that we could use them again next year to sell.

We placed the cards in our online store on the CURE website for purchase, and promoted only via mentions on Twitter, Facebook and in our monthly e-communication.
In less than one week, we sold 750 cards for a pure profit of $750 and had the highest engagement on our Facebook Page through just three posts – with 51 Likes and 17 Comments.

The premise of the promotion was to incorporate something the CURE community was already spending money on, and provide them a way to support CURE in the process, also keeping true to our brand and our focus on the children.

Be relevant to the Zealots of your brand, and they will support you – through purchase, positive word-of-mouth, referral – but support, nonetheless. Those most zealous fans want to help you, and will at every opportunity, especially when they are already planning to spend money anyways.

NOTE: Our printing-partner, Standard Press generously donated the printing of 1,000 Valentine’s Day cards to make this promotion possible – a special thank you!