Zealots have been historically viewed as extremists.  On the edge.  Fanatics.   Excessive intolerance.  Fervent. Militant proponent. Extremists.

Really?  I want fans for my company … but, not so sure I want someone quite to this level.  Isn’t this just a little over the top?   So, marketers use less edgy, softer terms:  Supporters; Loyalists;  Preferred Guests;  Faithful Customers; Frequent Users.

The earliest definition of zealots in history was a sect that openly resisted Roman rule in Palestine.

In marketing terms, don’t you want a group of customers that are strong proponents of the principles behind your brand, not just the surface issues of price or features (which are easily duplicated by competition)?  That are staunchly resistant, even defiant in the face of competitive offerings?  That are armed with facts and a point of view to successfully debate those who try to persuade them to alternatives to your product or service?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I have a choice, I’ll choose Zealots over Supporters every time.