Zealotry Marketing requires analytics, strategy, target understanding and creativity.  In short, it is not a simple or linear marketing play.

Many look at one marketing tactic or read one stat and draw conclusions on marketing effectiveness as a result.   In fact, marketing is an integrated and complex process.  Some aspects take seed and deliver results more quickly than others.  The operational connection, the level of service, the strength of competition, the passion/need for the product offered are just some of the variables.

All too often, though, marketing is reduced to a one-dimensional consideration or measure.  That’s simply not the case and many companies undersell their potential for results as a result.

This principle has been reinforced in a recent book – Think Twice, Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition – by Michael Mauboussin.   He takes on popular business author, Malcolm Gladwell.  Gladwell’s book, Blink, promotes decisions should be made on gut reactions on instinct, or in a “blink.”  Mauboussin takes a different approach – that you need to think twice before you act.  Bad decisions are made by not taking advantage of information and analysis and moving too fast.

Mauboussin could well be writing about how to develop a successful zealotry marketing program.