It finally hit home for me.

We often get into passionate dissertations about programs to delight a client’s zealots, enlist new ones, create more distinctive experiences. Very often we are cut off with the comment, “I just need more sales.” I often feel deflated and walk away wondering is creating zealotry actions really just a mirage and at the end of the day is it really more important to “get more sales?”

Well, Stan Stainaker of Hub Culture, writing in the Harvard Business Review bloglines has reaffirmed my commitment to Zealotry Marketing. Stan talks about the idea of regeneration instead of growth at all costs. He notes that processes, capabiliites and new offerings are another way of growth. And, like cells, some die away, while others grow or prosper.

In fact, isn’t that what zealots want to hear? They don’t care that you are growing at all costs. They care that you are nurturing, expanding and delivering on those points that are vital to why they are zealots in the first place. So, redefine growth. Think “regenerate”. Regenerate your business consistency around your most passionate customers – your zealots. They will get the word out.

Read Stan Stainaker’s article