A startling example of the effect of being relevant and engaging in social media.

The original news stories related to “United Breaks Guitar” – a story about mishandled baggage (and customer service) involving a guitar:

Sampling of You Tube videos on the story received the following viewers as of mid-August:

Fox News Channel: 142,000

CBS: 25,000

CNN Situation Room: 19,700

But, get this! The musician who owned the guitar took his story to song (and a YouTube video) when United didn’t respond to him in a timely manner.

In his own way, this musician parodied the whole story in song – a less than flattering portrayal of United’s baggage handlers and service reps. The views to his video: 5,005,000. That’s right. More than 5 million viewers. Comparison point? CBS Evening News averaged about 6 million viewers for 2008. My Name is Earl – season-ending show last May drew about 4.8 million viewers. Imagine … getting your gripe (or plaudit) across to as many viewers as a network evening broadcast?

People watch and read what interests them. Even on-line.

Watch the video: