People fall in love with brands each and every day. In this economy, some brands fail thus making them unavailable to past customers. For Zealots, this can certainly be a detrimental thing. So the question is, can your Zealots save your business? If your own customers knew you were in jeopardy of going away forever, what lengths would they go to to ensure you stay afloat?

Well, Paste Magazine surely has an answer to this question .. and it’s a good one. Yes.

In spite of the current economic conditions, Paste Magazine (a music-focused industry pub highlighting up-and-coming artists) recently launched an online “Campaign to Save Paste,” reaching out to their readers & supporters to help keep the magazine alive. They also reached out to their musician base, several of which offered to donate music to the campaign for readers who supported the publication via donating money.

As a result of the campaign, the magazine has raised in excess of $240K so far, enough to keep them afloat a little while longer, and have realized the ultimate power of the Zealots for their brand.

As a Zealot for “the late”design pub Domino Magazine, I would absolutely have liked to have known they were struggling and would have supported them in their efforts to keep the magazine afloat.

What do you think? Are there brands you would help save? Would your Zealots help save your business if you reached out to them?

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