Gartner, a New York-based IT research firm is touting data segmentation as a key to lead development … and social media success. According to Richard Fouts, research director at Gartner: “The most productive application of updated segmentation is lead management – particularly automated lead scoring. By converting segmentation criteria into business rules how leads are rated, or scored, providers see an immediate boost in lead volume and lead quality.”

“Even those who generate less leads resulting from a tighter, smaller market focus, report higher lead quality, which can help providers close deals faster and improve cash flow,” Mr. Fouts said. “Segmentation also helps vendors form communities around customers with common interests, which is critical if providers want to take advantage of using social media to create buzz in their target verticals.”

Companies who make collecting and diligently recording information on their customers and prospects are ahead of the game. Companies who hire marketing firms who start with careful analysis and application of guest data are getting winning solutions. Its amazing the number of firms who don’t want to spend the relatively few dollars to append, segment and profile customer data, while spending hundreds of thousands in marketing. Good data collection and analysis should be a company’s first and most valuable investment in marketing.

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