Social media is exploding.  It is gaining participants daily, it is a low cost touchpoint, it allows interactivity and it has a high degree of credibility. Zealots are driving social media.  So, it’s a natural that Guest Relations Marketing create programs that engage this unique new “media.”

After some terrific results in a couple of client trials, Guest Relations Marketing is introducing a stand-alone Zealotry social media program.  In our experience, it simply outperforms any other media buy.   Our model customizes the social media placement and messaging to your specific needs; we handle all content and placements on a daily basis (ask us why this is critical) and it has measurable results.  Most importantly, our program is designed to maximize leveraging your zealots into referrals and extended prospect communities.

As an incentive to be an early adopter (Zealot) of our program, we will waive the set-up fee for the first five companies who sign on.

Please call or email  Mike Tyre to request further information at 404-343-4377.

There is a window of opportunity and it is right now:  93% of consumers believe companies should have a presence in social media;  78% of marketing professionals believe there is a competitive opportunity in social media; yet less than 8% of on-line marketing activities is allocated to social media.

You can jump ahead of your competitors and avoid set-up fees by signing up today!

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