Gourmet sandwich franchise Jimmy Johns has a new Facebook application out that is right on for the core Zealots of their brand.

Aiming to serve high quality, but reasonably priced sandwiches fast, Jimmy Johns seems to have a great presence with the college market, with locations nearby many campuses of their nearly 700 stores – making Facebook a great place to be.  Their Facebook ads tout their fast and easy online ordering without ever having to leave Facebook. What could be better for Zealots of the gourmet sandwich purveyors? Not much.

A little surprising though was the underdeveloped Facebook Page, with over 18,000 fans and their ads & new application, a robust fan page would seem to be an obvious focus the brand seems to have missed.

Congrats to Jimmy Johns for the Zealotry-focused application, reaching the core target and making it fast and easy to sell their product online.