OK, have you noticed the number of businesses offering their customers a free or nearly free promotional stunt?
For instance, Steak n Shake rolled back prices on their burgers to 15¢ one morning from 8 – 11am.   Others have played out similar deals.

But, who really wants a burger at 8 in the morning at ANY price?

In these times declining sales and drastically reduced budgets, such marketing “get rich” schemes abound.  These stunts are some marketing types clever ploy to get free publicity – which they will get, if they are the first on the block to do so.  But, do they really impact sales?  Certainly not ROI.   Is it drawing new customers?  Debatable.   Creating more zealots?  You can decide.  If it were my business, though, I’d instruct my store managers to recognize regulars and do some unexpected act of kindness towards them.  Personal recognition and unexpected rewards are the basis of referral.   Not fighting others for some limited time deal.