Ted Turner’s Atlanta-based restaurant chain Ted‘s Montana Grill’s latest promotion aims to find their “Burger FANatics.” The company’s website poses the question via a mounted bison head – “Are you a Ted’s Burger FANatic?” and asks folks to submit videos, audios, or documents proclaiming their love for the brand & their burgers.

The concept behind the contest is tried & true, not unlike a doctors office gathering patient testimonials, referral is king. But, could the execution be enhanced to truly bring out the Zealots for the brand? We think so – here are a few suggestions:

– The first place winner prize is a Toyota Prius. What this has to with the brand or being a FANatic we do not know based on this site alone. The companies eco-friendly commitment is one that their Zealots likely know about and would appreciate, but it should be explained rather than counting on the consumer to make the connection between the brand & the prize.  The 2nd place prize seems much more likely to please a Zealot for Teds, or even the 3rd place prize for that matter.

– There is no foundation of submissions. When I log on today I see only two “recent submissions” that are clearly done as samples by a marketing agency or internal person. Makes the program loose some of its grandeur and appeal. What if Ted’s had pinged their 1,400+ Facebook page fans inviting them to participate first before full-on launch of the promotion? These folks may be the most likely of Zealots, willing to proclaim their love for the brand for all their Facebook friends to see, and even more importantly, they would have had a chance to build up a database of some entries before all the world took a glimpse at nothing.

– In visiting their Facebook page, there is no mention of this contest to their fans.  Perhaps they did send a message to their fans, we do not know – but these are avid supporters for your brand, with the power to spread the word about the contest to all their friends online. Make it easy for them. Connect the dots.

What we love?

Promoting the Facebook page and E-Communication Sign-Ups prominently on the contest pages. True Zealots are certainly most likely to become engaged in the brand in as many ways as possible so as not to miss out on the action.

Your thoughts welcomed.