In celebration of Valentines Day, a special note today to remember to “love thy customers.”  Like any relationship, this is one you should continue to nurture from beginning to end. Remember them, appreciate them and continue to let them know how much they mean to you and your business.

A special thanks to Mike at The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur for featuring Guest Relations Marketing in his post today “23 Ways How to Show a Customer You Love Them.”  We came in at #11 with the following tip …

11. You Can Show Love Every Time You Speak With Your Customer

Show Your Customer Some Love: It is as simple as knowing who your first time customers (”give us a try”) are versus your returning customers (”great to see you again Mike”).  Just remembering the stage of your relationship and having a personal context works wonders.

Click to view the other 22 ways you can show your customer love – and be sure to vote for us by leaving a comment for #11! What are other tips you have for showing your customers love?