Companies are being crunched by the economy. Consumers are demanding “green” products. They want brands to represent social causes important to them. What’s a company to do?

For starters, all the above.

Authenticity is more critical than ever. Here’s a reality: consumers expect, not desire, expect companies to act responsibility and to deliver to more than simply the bottom line. This means product, operations and how your product/service is delivered needs to be figured out before you run out the door and “market” to others. Something about ‘walking the talk.’

Check out the Urban Land Institute ( Developers are often criticized for mowing down trees and paving over every field. But, this organization is leading that industry in some terrific ways. They do a great job of bringing public and private sector together to build better communities. The right things are being explored and pursued by this fine organization.

Zealotry marketing is an approach that is inside-out. And, the stakes are rising. Value today includes being environmentally and socially responsible. Not a bad concept, quite frankly.