Back to WomanWise LLC and their survey on women.  They asked specifically about how this recession might affect their brand loyalties.

Many said that they would indeed give up on their favorite brands if there were a reasonable alternative that was less expensive. Forty-four percent said these changes could become permanent if the cheaper alternative turned out to be better in quality than expected.

A few brands stood out as relatively impervious to such disloyalty — Heinz Ketchup, Tide detergent and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, Kraft, General Mills and Coca-Cola among the brands so noted.

Is this really new “news”?   No disrespect intended to the research, but it does again reinforce the adage of the strength and resilience of brands.   It also puts out the value of not merely building a “slight” competitive edge, but creating a brand against zealots – those who will consciously select your brand off the shelf, when they are of a mindset to choose price and savings over the brand.